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UVB 10.0 Reptile Vivarium Fluorescent Linear Tube Light Lamp Bulb T8 15W 18” Bi-Pin 110V 220V no cable

UVB 10.0 Reptile Vivarium Fluorescent Linear Tube Light Lamp Bulb T8 15W 18” Bi-Pin 110V 220V no cable

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Emitting Color



Brand Name: coospider

Origin: Mainland China

Luminous Flux: 000

Application: Indoor

Application: Professional

Certification: CCC

Certification: ce

Color Temperature: Nature White(3500-5500K)

Item Type: Fluorescent

Model Number: UVB

Voltage: 90-260V

Average Life (hrs): 8000

Color: White

Length: 0.33

Color Rendering Index (CRI): 100%

Color Temp(K): 000K

Power Tolerance: 1%

10.0 Fluorescent Lamp: 15-Watt/18-Inch

Provides ideal spectrum: for all reptiles and amphibians

Stimulates appetite,: activity and reproductive behavior through UVA radiation

High visual light output: Stimulates plant growth

High Color Rendering Index of 98: T8, 18 inch long light bulb; 15 watts

use: prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease

24 hour mini timer: flexible setting the time period

4-steps timer: Suitable for reptiles that need to provide UVB for a short time

About UVB10.0

UVB 10.0 has a very high 10% UVB output similar to that associated with desert environments. Desert locations receive more direct sunlight than any other because of fewer clouds, less air humidity and no plants or trees to provide shade. Therefore desert reptiles are exposed to more UV radiation than any other type of reptile. This bulb can also be used on screened terrariums or terrariums with dense screen covers to ensure UVB penetration. Screens can filter out as much as 50% of the UVB rays. A UVB 10.0 Reptile Fluorescent Tube means that 10% of the tubes output is UVB. This UVB is necessary for your reptiles synthesis of vitamin D3, which is essential for the effective metabolism of dietary calcium in its bones and blood.

How to Choose:

Some reptiles require more or less UVB than others. Bearded dragons and similar desert reptiles require more UVB and a 10.0 tube is the better choice. Green iguanas, anoles and similar jungle / forest reptiles require less UVB and a 5.0 tube is the better choice in smaller habitats when these reptiles are younger. We also prefer to use the 5.0 tube for our translucent bearded dragons and for our silkback bearded dragons. UVB output is also influenced by a reflectors efficiency and the distance to the reptile.

UVB10.0 T8 15W tube only

UVB10.0 tube+220V fixture +accessories

UVB10.0 tube+110V fixture +accessories

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