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PURC Morocco Argan Oil Smoothing Soft Repair Frizz Dry Damaged Scalp Treatments Hair Care Products for Women 100ml

PURC Morocco Argan Oil Smoothing Soft Repair Frizz Dry Damaged Scalp Treatments Hair Care Products for Women 100ml

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Brand Name: PURC

Origin: Mainland China

NET WT: 100 ml

Ingredient: Morocco argan oil

Quantity: 1pcs

Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment

Model Number: Oil for hair

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Effect 1: Protects against UV damage

Effect 2: Repair frizz damage dry hair

Effect 3: Hair care

Usage: For hair

PURC Morocco Argan Oil Hair Care Smoothing Soft Damaged Repair Essentials Hair & Scalp Treatments Products for Women 100ml


Hair:Repair damage dry hair
Face:Moisture face skin, prevents wrinkles
Body:Promotes suppleness on body

Argan oil feature:

- Full of Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9

- Keep hair Softness and shine

- Long lasting protection from drying out

Product name : PURC Argan Oil
Effect: Repair damage dry frizzy hair, long lasting protection from drying out, keep hair softness and shine.
Also can used both Face and body, makeup remove, prevents wrinkles; Promotes suppleness, evens skin tone
on body.
Ingredients: Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9.
Suitable: For salon or home use.
Shelf time: 3 years
Size: 100ml
Hair is suffer from various injuries
① Increasing age
Hair core aging
Hair scales become more fragile
② Physical damage
Sun exposure
Heating damage by a hair dryer
③ Chemical damage
Dyeing/Straightening and perming forcefully reorganize the hair core.
Accelerated keratin loss
Innovative repair molecules technology Internal and external nourishment
Small molecule essence oil:
Quickly penetrate nutritious hair core
Macromolecular essence oil:
Repair hair scales to form a protective film
Add natural Moroccan agran nuts extracts "gold liquid" argan oil
Moroccan Argan oil
Known as "liquid gold", it repairs all kinds of damaged hair, increases the softness and gloss of hair, helps suppress
split ends and hair loss, refreshing and non-sticky texture.
Vitamin E
Nourish, smooth, and improve blood circulation.
Omega 3, Omega 9
Supplement nutrients absorption of hair, nourish damaged hair, increase hair elasticity,prevent split ends.
Good Hair care experience
A bottle agran oil helps you solve hair problems, suitable for all types of hair
Before repair
Hair nutrients loss seriously
Repair period
Nourish and lock in moisture
After repair
Hair become shinny smooth and soft
Natural Moroccan agran nuts extracts argan oil
Supple and shine
Reduce static electricity
Increase hair elasticity
Repair frizz
Plant essence oil
Improve split ends


1. Use for dry hair.

Apply 2 to 3 drops of dry hair evenly to the middle and end of the hair.

2.Use during washing hair

Apply a few drops in the shampoo to wash your hair, can moisture smooth hair

3. Use before blowing hair

Apply 2 to 3 drops to the middle and end of the hair to reduce the damage caused by the hot air of the


4.Use before dyeing and Perming hair
Apply 4~5ml of Moroccan Argan Oil to color mix and continue normal color/perm application.This will enhance

the ability to absorb the color.

5. Use on face

Warm the oil in your hands and massage on your face.

6. Use on body

Warm the oil in your hands and massage on your skin.The skin will be hydrated and become smoother

and softer

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