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High-End Digital Programmable With Tinnitus Blocker High Power Hearing Aid For Elderly Deafness Bluetooth Siemens Headphones For

High-End Digital Programmable With Tinnitus Blocker High Power Hearing Aid For Elderly Deafness Bluetooth Siemens Headphones For

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Brand Name: FEIE

Origin: China Mainland

Model Number: MY-20

Tinnitus masker: yes

Battery size: Zinc Air Battery A312

Advantage: treatment tinnitus hearing aid,warranty :2 years

RIC hearing aid: Programmable Digital hearing aid

Programmable: Free software offered

Fitting range: 80db -100db hearing loss

Warranty: 2 years

Channel: 8 channels

Function: Noise reduction function

Style: RIC Receiver In The Canal

(Note:For buyers in Australia country, due to the laws and regulations of your country, button batteries cannot enter your country, We don't put batteries in the hearing aid package)



1. Nano Waterproofing Technology

2. Scene Detect TM "throughout the territory" technology

3. Reality adaptive switching function

4. Multi-core to achieve the hearing detection function

5. A dual-use tinnitus mask

6."16-channel" ultra-static king control - a quiet system of the golden key!

7. ILOG matching storage function personalized data records

8. 128 segments of the spectrum of intelligent super-noise reduction - to listen to clear, comfortable sound quality is not a problem

9. Third generation ultrahigh head gain adaptive feedback system DFC - bid farewell to "acoustic feedback"

10. High precision ADM intelligent directional conversion

11. Smartphone Listen to program automatic switching function

12.61 Channels & 48 Frequency Bands:

The 16-channel 48-band provides accurate hearing compensation and ultra-fine speech resolution resolution to meet the needs of individuals with high speech and sound quality requirements.

13. 128-Band Adaptive Noise Reduction (13dB):

The noise reduction processing adopts an advanced sound processing chip, which can automatically detect and analyze different signals in 128 independent frequency bands, distinguish speech and noise spectrum and perform filtering processing, and perform accurate processing according to different signals; at the same time, it guarantees the best fidelity. Noise reduction up to 17dB

14. Tele-coil Input (optional)answer telephone:

In the moment of listening to the phone, the listening program is automatically switched to the telephone mode, filtering out various sounds in the exclusion zone.

Telephone calls are clearer and communication is easier.

Technical Parameters:

Package content:
1pcs hearing aid
1pcs cleaning brush
3pcs different earplugs(small medium ,big)
1pcs sound tube
1*hearing aid battery
1*feie hearing aid warranty
one inner box and outside box package

Blue for Left ear ,Red for right ear

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Rechargeable hearing aid.Please click below picture to buy which one you are interested in.

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